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She’s crew and we don’t screw the crew

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Haldir, Rúmil and Orophin as requested by holykris2

Aug 27 @ 7:46 PM
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maybe this time boromir won’t die
by me rewatching the fellowship of the ring (via princess-kili)
Aug 27 @ 7:43 PM
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lotr meme: three races [3/3] » elves

They were valiant, but the history of those that returned to Middle-earth in exile was grievous. Their dominion passed long ago, and they dwell now beyond the circles of the world, and do not return.

Aug 27 @ 7:30 PM
hella   lotr  
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make me choose

richards-smile asked: Berlin premiere or Madrid premiere

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“Why O why did I ever leave my hobbit-hole?” said poor Mr. Baggins, bumping up and down on Bombur’s back.” 

Aug 27 @ 3:41 PM
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Well, apparently it’s against the law to chin the Chief Superintendent.

Aug 27 @ 3:35 PM
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Aug 27 @ 3:05 PM
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Aug 27 @ 3:04 PM
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Late night with Jimmy Fallon, 16 January 2013

Aug 27 @ 2:49 PM
honestly, you just take a deep breath and say 'fuck it!'
- johnny knoxville